OJ Simpson Freed: News Orenthal James Simpson OJ Simpson 10.1.2017 Freed Nevada Prison

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GP7A News: Breaking news, Marcus Giavanni Show ... Freed, OJ Simpson has been released from the Lovelock Correctional Center, locted in Pershing County, Nevada. Lovelock Correctional Center is a Nevada Department of Corrections prison in unincorporated Pershing County, Nevada, near Lovelock. It is approximately 439 miles North-Northwest of Las Vegas, and 319 miles East-Northeast of San Francisco. Wikipedia

Nevada residents, where warned early Sunday Morning that their most famouse mastermind has been set free. It's hard to believe the sauge by one of the most famousse football players, and accused killer of all time. What freedom did Oj Simpson really get. What Freedom, will bring OJ Simpson back to the land of reality. Or will this be his final "15minutes for the Juice". 

Where were you, when you heard the news, the News Orenthal James Simpson, was let free today, on Sunday, October 1, 2017. If this was politcs it would have been the October suprise. OJ Simpson, is the Top story for Sunday; 10.1.2017. OJ is Freed Nevada Prison. Did you hear ... #Tapthevote ... OJ Simpson Freed, will go home to children, family and friends. News Orenthal James Simpson will be hitting the circut. TV or GOlf, what do you thimnk? About the News OJ Simpson is the Top story trending in the World.

What medai bids for the first interview, Oj won'te get the money it goes to the Goldman Family'." 10.1.2017, Freed Nevada Prison , #Tapthevote - Marcus Giavanni

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