2020 Year: 2020 Super Bowl 54 - Super Bowl LIV-  #LIV

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2020 Bowl Game: Fox Sports broadcast - “2020 Super Bowl 54” - - “2020 Super Bowl LIV”? The “Super Location for the Bowl Game” is the “2020 location” at ‘Hard Rock Stadium Home” of the “Miami Dolphins”.  Who is the MIASBLIV Committee? What is #miasbliv. The MIASBLIV is the “Miami Super Bowl Committee” LIV Published October 19. 2019 9:10 AM by Marcus Giavanni.

100 years of NFL, and “54 – LIV” and the years “Super Bowl Games” is the 2020 54 Game of the year. Go to GP7A LIV 2020 News about the 2020 “Bowl 54” and going to “Bowl LIV” 2020. In the beautiful State Location is Florida. The City locations are Miami and Miami Gardens.

The 2020 #NFL Stadium location is at the World Famous “Hard Rock Stadium” with the fans favorite  “Pepsi Halftime” Show with “Jennifer Lopez and Shakira”. Known as #Jlo and #shakira. Here is what's happing with VERSACE.

The New Song by “Vitruvian MAN Circus of a Lifetime” – “Gonna Go to the Super Bowl” buy the Album/CD/Downloads @ Google Play Music, @ Spotify, @ Amazon, @ Itunes "Vitruvian Man" honor’s “Gianni Versace Super Bowl 2020” the Future of football will be Credibility Relevance Wisdom. – Marcus Giavanni

“2020 Game: 2020 Super Bowl 54 or 2020 Super Bowl LIV? The Super Location for the Bowl Game is @ the 2020 location is at Hard Rock Stadium Home of the Miami Dolphins.  Who is the MIASBLIV Committee? #miasbliv. The MIASBLIV is the Miami Super Bowl Committee LIV. – Marcus Giavanni”.”

Super Bowl Song Gonna go to the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Song Gonna go to the Super Bowl. #song, #superbowlliv, #miasbliv, and let's .... #gonnagotothesuperbowl, #superbowl54, Pepsi Haltime Show performers are Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, @jlo, #shakira, #mgiavanni, #vitruvianman, #gonnagotothesuperbowl, #2020, #broncos Super Bowl 2020, not thsi time.